4CCardiology Summit themes

On behalf of the Organising Committee for the 4 Corners of Cardiology 2020 Summit, we are pleased to announce the 4CC 2020 Summit, in conjunction with Future Proof – The Online Medical Education Summit.

The Summit will focus on mental health and impacts of COVID-19 on the cardiology industry and will touch on the traditional 4CC topics of Risk factors and prevention, Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), Arrhythmias and Heart Failure. COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on the cardiology industry, not only on the mental wellbeing of patients and doctors alike, but also directly to those suffering from heart disease, both immediate and long-term. That paired with the fact that elective surgeries, outpatient appointments and cardiac imaging have largely been cancelled during the pandemic, the cardiology industry has felt the impacts greatly.

Executive Sponsor of the 4CCardiology Summit

Future Proof Summit themes

The Summit Program will be providing a series of carefully selected live online talks and workshops that is developed by you for you! The Committee will structure the program based on the key content from your abstract submissions and current hot topics. 

Our 8 key themes address some of the burning topics in Medical Education relevant in 2020 and how they will help you Future Proof your career:

Feedback and Assessment
Curriculum (re) Design
Safety and Quality
Simulation and Virtual
Educator Development
Promoting Diversity

We recognise that medical education is very much a community of practitioners from various medical specialties where improving feedback and assessment of trainees will be instrumental in their development and growth.

Making sure the learning curriculum (program) is (re) designed in a contemporary and cutting edge will enable doctors, who sometimes work within complex teams, with the necessary tools to improve patient outcomes, with safety and quality being paramount. Interprofessionalism has often proven to drive results and positive outcomes for these complex team.

Medical educators need to have access to resources that encourages educator development in a safe and lively space where innovation is encouraged, trialled and tested. Simulations and virtual environment in the context of medical training can achieve enhanced performance outcomes.

Finally, we are ourselves a diverse community and recognise the value of including all perspectives, including ensuring that medical training reflects the population it serves.

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4CCardiology Summit – Saturday 21 November 2020


Introduction and welcome


Keynote Presentation 

“Depression in CVD Patients – the Prequel and the Sequel”

Prof David Hare
11:10-11:20 Break and Virtual Showcase  

Memorial Speech for Prof Henry Krum

Prof David Hare


 4CC Krum Grant Recipient

Dr Tashi Dorje
11:45-12:15 Break and Virtual Showcase  
12:15-12:35 Networking  

Keynote Presentation 

”Supporting patients physical and emotional wellbeing remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic”

Prof Julie Redfern
13:10-13:20 Break and Virtual Showcase



Keynote Presentation 

”Beyond the pandemic: preventing the next wave of CVD”

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Prof Steve Nicholls


Closing Remarks 


**Program is subject to change

Saturday 24 October 2020


Keynote Presentation 

‘’Safe, not soft – hitting the sweet spot for simulation-based education”

Dr Victoria Brazil
11:00-11:10 Break  

Keynote Presentation  

”E-portfolios – are they really useful?”

Dr Alan Giles
11:55-12:25 Break  
12:25-12:55 Networking  

Keynote Presentation 

”Creativity out of calamity: The COVID-19 Pandemic, a seismic leap in Medical Education?”

Prof Kirsty Forrest
13:25-13:35 Break



Keynote Presentation 

”Reflections on Medical Students and Medical Education”

Dr Sarah Rennie

**Program is subject to change

Wednesday 26 August 2020

17:00-17:05 Welcome from the Chair Dr Anthony Llewellyn 

Keynote Presentation

”What you say matters – Reflecting on the importance of feedback in training”

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Dr Clare Skinner 
17:35-17:40 Break  

Keynote Presentation 

”Designing for online learning – providing educators with the know-how”

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Prof Darrell Evans
18:10-18:15 Break  

Keynote Presentation 

”Wellbeing: an essential ingredient in medical education”

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Dr Amy Imms
18:45-18:50 Break



Keynote Presentation 

”Discover your purpose – the brand called you”

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Terry Reynolds and Glenn Price from LeaderSHAPE

**Program is subject to change